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Virtual Presentation Skills

Virtual Presentation Skills

Participants who finish the course will be able to:

  • develop an effective structure and clear messages
  • deliver virtual presentations in a confident, persuasive manner
  • use best practice methodology for presenting remotely

Course description:

Presenting virtually is a completely different challenge from presenting live as the audience can lose their interest much more quickly. Presenters have less opportunity to rely on meta-communication skills and sometimes have to deal with technical issues. This practical course covers the ground rules and best practice for presenting remotely. Participants will learn how to focus on their audience’s needs and how to create clear messages and an effective structure. Besides creating convincing content, the course also tackles virtual delivery skills. Participants will be able to use their voice and facial expressions knowingly in order to make a positive, memorable impact on their audience.


Pre-training questionnaire

Virtual delivery

Optional individual follow-up sessions


4 hours