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Managing Teams Virtually

Managing Teams Virtually

Participants who finish the course will be able to:

  • create and maintain an effective work protocol
  • communicate goals, tasks and provide feedback in a clear structured manner
  • foster equality and transparency in a remote team
  • understand how to build trust and develop relationships
  • boost performance and loyalty by inspiring and motivating team members
  • leverage diversity

Course description:

Working with a group of people who rarely or never meet can pose significant challenges. It’s not easy to create an effective work flow when there are no live interactions and it’s even more difficult to understand how team members feel and what their needs are.

The aim of this practical course is to show effective methods and best practices to create a successful workflow with high productivity, excellent teamwork and real human connections. Using a variety of skill-building exercises, participants will learn how to improve team performance, resolve conflicts and develop relationships in a virtual team.

The course will also develop the skills needed to harness the advantages of virtual teams. By learning how to leverage the range and depth of cultures within an organization.



Pre-training questionnaire

Virtual delivery


8 hours