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The Charismatic Presenter

The Charismatic Presenter

Participants who finish the course will be able to:

  • confidently use their body language whether they want to persuade, motivate or reassure their audience
  • understand their audience’s needs
  • develop an effective structure and clear messages
  • use personal stories, examples, metaphors and allegories effectively
  • create a slideshow that enhances the impact of a presentation

Course description:

When we listen to a speaker, more than 90% of our impressions about them are based on their meta-communication: their posture, tone of voice and energy. In a stressful situation such as public speaking, most people tend to show signs of anxiety, fear or even boredom without realizing it. As a result, their audience may not be receptive to their message no matter how well-polished their speech is.

Using improvisational theatre techniques, this course helps participants to master their delivery skills and become confident, charismatic presenters. Besides delivery, the training also focuses on creating appealing content with best practices to create an easy to understand, inspiring speech and to support it with an impressive slideshow.


Pre-training questionnaire

Face-to-face classroom-based training

Optional individual follow-up sessions


2-day course