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Presentation Fundamentals

Presentation Fundamentals

Participants who finish the course will be able to:

  • develop effective presentation structures with clear messages
  • use their body language and voice to best effect
  • deliver presentations in a confident, persuasive manner 
  • create captivating slides

Course description:

There are two crucial elements of every presentation: the content and the delivery. This exercise-oriented course dives deeply into both elements: ‘What to say’ and ‘How to say it’.

Participants will discover how to focus on their audience’s needs; how to create straightforward messages and the most effective structure for a presentation. They will also learn and practice how to use their body language, voice and energy to make a positive, memorable impact on their audience.

The 2-day course covers successful delivery in more detail and also introduces best practices for creating and applying attractive, well-designed slideshows.


Pre-training questionnaire

Face-to-face classroom-based training

Optional individual follow-up sessions


1-day or 2-day course options