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Language Solutions International specialises in Technical English training. As effective Health and Safety is a key element of all training and operations LSI has developed training courses and accessible testing resources for industry. Organisations can ensure that in an English-speaking work environment employees have a sufficient understanding of English to work safely.


Online English for Safety Course

Communicating effectively on safety-related matters is critical to the safety of workers in environments such as construction sites, waste management facilities, manufacturing plants, factories and warehouses.

This course gives overseas workers the vital English skills and knowledge they need to discuss safety-related matters in English, follow instructions, support each other, and contribute to a safety culture in the workplace.


How do you learn?

During the course, learners listen to conversations, watch videos, look at work related photographs, signs and posters, learn safety-specific vocabulary, and study essential grammar and pronunciation focus points. They take a wide range of exercises to help learn the language they need to understand and communicate effectively in safety-critical work-based scenarios.

What’s in the course? The course teaches essential language and communication skills in 20 key areas of safety.

  1. Hazards
  2. Safety Signs
  3. PPE
  4. Risk Assessment
  5. Slips,Trips and Falls
  6. Manual Handling
  7. Fire Safety
  8. Electrical Safety
  9. Working at Height
  10. Confined Spaces
  11. Hazardous Substances
  12. Transport Safety
  13. Hand and Power Tools
  14. Mechanical Equipment and Machinery
  15. Dust, Noise and Light
  16. Office Safety
  17. First Aid and Injuries
  18. Environment and Waste Management
  19. Permit to Work
  20. Reporting


About the Course

Course Length: 20 hours, with each unit designed to take 1 hour to complete.

Progress Assessment: At the end of every unit, there is a progress review and test.

Course Level: Elementary and low-intermediate level (A2 in the Common European Framework) – at this level, you can understand and communicate in simple sentences in familiar situations, such as travel, work and family.

Online Delivery: As the course is online, it can be taken on multiple devices wherever a learner can access the internet.

Course Reporting: The course is tracked, so companies can check what their learners have done and what their scores are

Accreditation: This course is accredited by the CPD Standards Office for 16 CPD points or hours.

Certificate: On completing the course, learners received an official certificate detailing what they covered in the course and confirming their CPD points.