Successful Teleconferencing Skills

Successful Teleconferencing Skills

This is a practical course giving strategies that can be quickly applied to improve communication in remote meetings.
Delegates learn techniques to improve their impact as participants in large teleconferences and videoconferences. There is also clear guidance on how to lead teleconferences to ensure greater participation from remotely located team members.

Participants who complete this course will be able to:

  • Learn how to project confidence and conviction in telephone calls
  • Apply strategies for problem solving in meetings
  • Manage teleconferences according to set agendas
  • Practice in a live teleconference and get feedback on areas to develop

Course content:

  • Promoting ownership in remote team members
  • Managing dominating speakers
  • Engaging passive participants
  • Strategies to break into a fast paced discussion

Course Length:

This course can be delivered in one full day or two half-day sessions