Language Solutions International

Our Permanent Centres

LSI has invested heavily in developing local solutions to service the international operations of our global clients.

Our network of permanent training centres is now leading the way in many key markets in Europe and the Arab World.


Away from our own centres, LSI has a proven track record in delivering Managed Training programmes in locations across the globe, no matter how challenging. We have trained staff in locations from the Sahara desert to off-shore vessels.

Our flexibility means we can support any level of programme, from well-established operations needing extra teachers, to start-up operations in remote locations, requiring staffing, management, know-how and logistics.


  • i-globelocal management and global support
  • i-listproven training programmes
  • i-bookspecialised teaching materials and testing systems
  • i-usersholistic approach to training
  • i-moneycost-effective training solutions
  • i-localincorporating local content

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