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Business Email Writing

Written English has evolved in the digital era. This course focuses on the modern writing style appropriate in email at the workplace.


Who should join?

Professionals who want to discover the unwritten rules of email writing. This course is suitable for employees up to senior level.


Practical dos and don’ts

Learn how to get results from your emails by using good structure and how to engage colleagues and customers with powerful writing and formatting techniques. This is not a dry grammar course, you’ll learn by studying real-life case studies that highlight the importance of staying on the right side of company policy and writing with clarity to avoid misunderstanding.


Interactive learning

This course is based around learner participation. You’ll work in pairs and small groups and will be actively involved in the learning.


Course content:

  • Writing shorter and clearer emails
  • Recognising common errors using our proofreading technique
  • Developing awareness of appropriate tone for internal and external emails
  • Analysis of example emails to develop techniques to build relationships