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General Language Programmes

Language Solutions work with Dexway to provide online training.



Training is based on student participation in recreated real-life situations, which are organised in a learning environment that combines multimedia content with live interaction with native speakers and other learners. The language skills of the student develop naturally through structured lessons that allow progressive and flexible learning at the pace of the students, who learn grammar rules, lexical and phonetic concepts through practice.


Content rich offering:


Interactive vocabulary games
Typical situations and dialogues
Phonetic & pronunciation practice
Reading & comprehension activities
Applied grammar and writing exercises
Free expression activities assessed by a teacher


Some of the key features of our eLearning programme are:

  • Available in 8 languages: US and UK English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese. Course help is also available in 11 native languages (including German).
  • CEFR Levels - training materials available from levels CEFR A1 to CEFR C2.
  • Sector Specific Language Courses: Over 30 sector specific courses specialising in business, finance, insurance, travel etc.
  • Comprehensive Testing:  All courses include an initial placement test and a final evaluation test on course completion.
  • Voice Recogniser: the most advanced voice recogniser on the market to effectively measure speech and pronunciation skills.
  • Accessibility: Courses available on any computer or mobile device through the comprehensive course app.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Summarised or detailed evaluation and reporting of course objectives and student progress for the whole duration of course.